How to honor and remember loved ones on your wedding day!

Remembering loved ones at your wedding is a beautiful way to have them apart of your wedding without physically being there. It’s always so amazing to see how my couples choose to remember their loved ones who have passed on. I think a lot of people struggle with coming up with ways to do this, you want to make it special and personal without drawing a lot of attention to it. With the planning of our wedding we have quickly found how important it is to remember those people. We want to use Brent’s grandmas yarn to wrap around the boutonnieres and bouquets, and a charm my grandpop gave me to hang on my bouquet. It’s the little things that mean the most! I hope this helps you think of ways to honor those who mean so much to you on one of the most special days of your life!

1. Attach a photo or charm of theirs to your bouquets. This way they can still walk you down the aisle.

2. Take a piece of their clothing and attaching it into your dress or suit.

3. Have a special table at the reception with photos of them and a beautiful message.

4.Instead of flowers or favors, donate to a charity in their memory!