It's not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.

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Q: How long are engagement sessions?

A: Typically about and hour- 1.5 hours, I want you guys to have fun and enjoy the session and that number seems to be the sweet spot!


Q: How many images can we expect?

A: 100 - 150 images, which you will have the print rights to!


Q: When will we receive the images?

A: Your images will be ready 2 weeks after the session!


Q: Can we bring our dog?

A: 100% YES! We LOVE dogs and clearly it’s your baby so you can’t leave them out! We suggest having a friend or family member tag along to help with the dog so you can focus on having fun with your portraits when the pup isn’t needed.


Q: How many outfits should we bring?

A: Two max. You honestly don’t have to bring a second outfit, if you love your outfit and feel good in it then theres no need to change!


Q: Should I get my hair and make up done?

A: This is 100% your call, it isn’t necessary but if you want to have your trial done the same day you could see how it will photograph!


Q: Where should we do our session?

A: We usually suggest picking a location that has meaning to you or just somewhere you guys really like to go. Need ideas? We are more than happy to suggest a few locations based on what atmosphere you like!