" The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance "


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Q: How many photos can we expect from an 8 hour day?

A: The average is about 700 images. Some receive more depending on

how much of the 8hours is spent on portraits.



Q: Do we get the print rights to the images?

A: You sure do! You'll be able to download

the photos from your online gallery(which is ready

2 weeks after your wedding) and will be able to

make prints wherever you'd like.



Q: Can we purchase an album after the wedding?

A: Yep! You'll be able to purchase an album up to a year

after the wedding on your online gallery!


Q: Are all the images edited?

A: Yes, every image we deliver to you

will be edited with in our style.


Q. Do you shoot film?

A: We do! I love grabbing a few shots on my polaroid camera was well as my 35mm if there is time!



Q: We love the candid style, but will you also take family portraits?

A: 100% YES! Although we don't show much of family portraits on the site this is something that is so important.

We spend about 10 -15 minutes on family portraits, this way your family can go enjoy most of cocktail hour!

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